Seth Barrett is a digital marketing professional with over 15 years experience. During days Seth work’s at idig Marketing servicing a wide array of clients. On the side Seth builds and manages smaller web projects and offers consultancy to a wide variety of clients.


Seth Barrett has built well over 1000 websites in his 15+ years building online solutions. Whether you need a simple corporate presence site or sophisticated booking system or ecommerce solution Seth has ample experience to make your vision come to life.

Generate Leads

Building websites is all very well but without a strategy to feed the hopper many can quickly become graveyards void of visitors. Seth has been providing leads to websites and companies for over 15 years using AdWords, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads. Brief Seth on your objectives and he will suggest the best way to accomplish them online.


Being online requires upkeep. Google Analytics is Seth’s bible when it comes to determining what is working and what isn’t for your company. As a conversion focused online marketer Seth’s wheelhouse is building the perfect mouse trap and that comes with optimizing based off analytics.

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